Serving Guide

Our serving guide is based on 1” x 2” servings. This is a generous wedding cake portion.
6" - 12 servings
8" - 24 servings
10" - 38 servings
12" - 56 servings
14” - 78 servings


All Cakes at Ovenly Bakes N Cakes are made specially on an individual basis. The following is just a guideline and actual price depends on the design complexity. For specific design please get in touch with us.

Wedding Cakes

Individually priced
  • We make wedding cakes tailored to your budget. Let us bring your dream cake to life.
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Celebration Cakes

  • At Ovenly Bakes N Cakes
  • each celebration cake is uniquely crafted. Prices vary based on design complexity. Contact us for a personalized quote
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  • Our base price for 12 Cupcakes with butter cream frosting is €35
  • 24 Mini Cupcakes - €30
  • Special rates for orders over 100 pieces
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Sweet Treats

  • Cake Pops & Macarons
  • Our basic price for Cake Pops is €2.50 (Minimum 10 Cake Pops per order)
  • Box of 16 Macarons is €40 (Minimum order)
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